Natural Substitute for Botox

I never thought I would get to the point of considering injecting something of dubious safety into my skin to look younger. For crying out loud: I’m the author of two books telling people how to find natural alternatives to prescription drugs! But, as I crept deeper into my forties I began to become very dissatisfied with what I saw in the mirror.

Now, maybe this should have led to a rediscovery of the soul and an acceptance of my new state of beauty, but it didn’t. I found myself googling. “Is Botox really safe?” I decided I would spend my fifties learning to re-love my mature self, but for this decade I would cling stubbornly to my last sense of youth.

I came THIS close to doing something I really didn’t believe in to regain some lost piece of self confidence.

And then I saw this post by a friend of mine:

Well it is official!! I am now a rep for the Gel that is the new Fountain of Youth😊. Message me for more info!
These are before and after of me after 4 months. No filters!!


I love this woman and know she would have no need to exaggerate, but I immediately figured she has used some harsh endocrine disruptor that I would never consider. I followed the comments and saw she posted a list of ingredients…hmmmm.


I am no homeopath and have no way for verifying these ingredients, but a trusted friend’s mom in Germany knew all about it, so I sent her the list.

She said, “I don’t see anything in here that would harm you and it might help if you have thyroid, adrenal, or aging issues. If it does, send me some!”

That was enough for me! I looked into the details and decided I had found a natural alternative to Botox that I felt good about. And, if others are interested in staying natural you can find out more here.

I’ll post my own updates soon!

Here’s to healthy alternatives.