SEC Fans - Reduce, Reuse...Don't Recycle

I hate to be a bummer, but tailgate season is coming up and it’s stressing me out. This is almost sacrilegious to say in an SEC University town. Tailgate season is the highlight of the year for most of us. The air buzzes, the temperatures (sometimes) dip, and small businesses boom. Still, I can’t overcome my feeling of…


Campus organizations made a BIG effort to put out trash cans and recycle bins after we wound up on the news a few years ago. It helped keep the grounds cleaner, but can you even picture the amount of trash 60 thousand fans create on a single day?

With recycling drying up all over the country, I’m wondering what would happen if everyone reduced their waste by just ten percent, and planned for reusable tailgate materials.


Think this is pie in the sky thinking? Think again. We just hosted a BBQ for almost 100 members at The Homestead as a ZERO WASTE EVENT. Everyone brought food in reusable containers and we set up a dishwashing station. Here’s how much garbage we produced:


After every game several thousand plastic cups litter the campus grounds. Ditch the disposable and pick up some reusable dishes. The same is true for utensils and decorations. By reusing items, you not only generate less waste, but you also reduce the environmental impact of the manufacturing and shipping of disposable and recyclable items. You don’t have to purchase anything expensive or online. Head to your local thrift store and pick up a set of china. Or visit your local gift shop and have them custom make beautiful and reusable items for your tailgate this year.

Reusable Dishes

Southern Tailgates are historically glamorous, but even for the busy tailgate there are some nice looking reusable dishes avaobale that you could put into a storage box, take home, wash, and reuse for each game.

Reusable Napkins and Cups

Personalize your event or choose your team color. Then trade off who takes napkins home to wash and reuse at the next game. If you are going to use disposable, choose a brand that is made from recycled products and will break down.


Food and Storage

Bring food in reusable container, take them home to wash, and use again. Taking time to prepare food for gatherings makes them special. Buy food in bulk and think HOMEMADE, rather than catering.

We want to see what you do to reduce waste this fall! Post a picture on our Facebook page and we will pick a winner at the end of the season for a set of Earth’s Dreams Reusable Dishes! Go to: