Teach Your Child About Bullying

Teach Your Child About Bullying

Is there a solution to something that seems as inherent in humans as it is in flocks of chickens? Is it possible to deny our nature and choose something harder and often unrewarded? I suppose I believe it is. It is why I take my children to church every Sunday. It is why their father, who does not go to church, passes onto them a moral code that is stronger than those of many religious people. 

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December 2015 Homestead Happenings

This past fall has been full of some of the best workshops and retreats The Homestead has offered yet. Marion Sansing packed the kitchen with her Whole Foods Retreats in September. Glennon Doyle Melton made us yearn for our authentic selves in the Breaking Open Retreat in October. And in November fifty folks came out and looked at the night sky in Backyard Astronomy, and Mike and I enjoyed fifteen couples who were ready to put sincere efforts into their most precious possession - each other. 

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Win a Weekend at The Homestead

Win a Weekend Stay (2 nights, 3 days) at The Homestead Education Center in Starkville, MS. This beautiful lodge includes five bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and sleeps 24. It’s perfect for entertaining large groups with its one-of-a-kind, rustic charm, open floor plan perfect, large screened in porch, huge windows with lakefront views, beautiful swimming pool with shaded pergola and so much more!

Amenities Include: In-ground salt water pool, playroom, zip line, farm animals, pond, Wifi just to name a few.

Rules of the contest:

Stay will be scheduled with the owner of the Homestead Education Center before December 31, 2016

Stay be 3 days and 2 nights and will be used between January 1– December 31, 2016. 

Winner will be drawn at the SSA Holiday Classic Soccer tournament on Sunday, December 6, 2015. 

Winner need not be present to win.

All proceed from the raffle will benefit the Impact FC 05 boys travel soccer team and their expenses for the upcoming travel season. Support the boys as they travel in AL, GA, LA, MS and TN to play the sport they love.

Tickets are: $10.00 each

To see more pictures of the beautiful Homestead Education Center visit:



How to Fall in Love with Your Spouse

Mike and I moved off and finished graduate school, had two kids, moved home, and had another child. Profession took over Mike's life and motherhood took over mine. Did we still love each other? Yes. After three kids' worth of dirty diapers, stressful work, and a few life crises later, were we in love? Not so much.

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For those of you who follow The Homestead, you know we just finished a BIG weekend. By some miracle, my favorite voice of authenticity, NY Times bestseller, Glennon Doyle Melton of Momastery agreed to come be a keynote speaker at our retreat Breaking Open: The Phoenix Process of Spiritual Rebirth, and then appear in public at Mississippi State University. 

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Mother and Daughter

The difference in care was astonishing. I don't think the clinic doctor we saw is a bad guy. I don't think he is stupid. I just think he is about twenty-years behind the research institutions. We have to be our own healthcare advocates. We have to do our own research. We have to ask tough questions and READ. Healing is every bit as much a spiritual and mental game as it is a physical one. We have to believe we have the ability to heal.

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The Homestead Evolves

This year is no exception. We set the bar high and expected we could raise the money to bring in one of America's most important voices, Glennon Doyle Melton from the best selling work Carry On Warrior and the epic blog, Momastery. You did not disappoint. We raised almost $12,000 to bring her here this October, and have already sold over 300 tickets. We will also feature Donna Jackson Nakazawa on her new book that is making waves, Childhood Disrupted, along with twelve-time author Jim Ewing, and artist darling Robin Whitfield. 

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The Clean Gut Saga

At a friend's prompting I am blogging my way through 21 days to a Clean Gut. 
I have philosophical problems with this for several reasons. First, I think both blogging and cleansing are very self-centered endeavors. I was raised a Presbyterian. We work hard and put others before ourselves. Blogging and cleansing are very unnatural to me.

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Grain Brain Family Journey Pt 2

Here are some of the amazing things I have noticed about Cecelia’s food journey. At four, she understood that we were trying to change her food to make her feel better. In fact, she was on board with the idea. She didn’t like feeling bad all the time. The fourth day, I dropped her off at her grandparents’ for a few hours with a bag of food. I told them it was Mike’s idea to change her diet to lend the move some credibility, and thankfully, they didn’t say anything. When I picked her up Opa told me, “She was telling us how healthy food makes her happy.”

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Grain Brain Family Journey Pt 3

With food, I don’t serve her anything I really know she won’t eat, but she does not leave the table until it is eaten. The first few days were quite possibly the longest days of my life. Once she started eating everything on her plate, I added tiny bits of vegetables. I am talking a pinch of a carrot, a speck of a green bean, a crumb of broccoli.  And she couldn’t leave until she ate it. We are now up to half sized pieces of veggies. She voluntarily puts hands-full of spinach in her smoothies.

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