Crowding Out Bad Health with Good

I don't really want a spinach, blueberry, kefir smoothie for breakfast. What I want is biscuits and gravy. But, if I can think about how I will feel at two this afternoon, I choose the smoothie. If I eat the biscuits and gravy, at two o'clock I will feel like I have no other earthy choice but to drop my head to my desk and sleep. Two o'clock is right before my kids get home and I want to spend time with them. If I eat the biscuits I will literally drag myself through the second half of my day. If I eat the smoothie I don't need a nap. If I eat the smoothie, I am much more likely to enjoy the hours with my kids after school. We are more likely to go outside, ride bikes, or go for a walk. If I eat the biscuit, we will probably sit around and play on our computers. I have to think about it like that.

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