Better Life

The one thing I have recently come to believe, is that we cannot fix a world until we fix ourselves. We are the broken part of the world. It isn't out there somewhere. It is right here. So today I will go and feed the pigs and chickens. I'll feed my family a salad from the garden instead of eating fast food. Maybe I'll take time to pray or meditate. I might even go for a walk if it doesn't rain. And I will try to believe that these small choices, these small changes, will have big impact. I know their impact would be even bigger if you joined me. 

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A New Normal

Hobby farming is not a livelihood. It isn't a fun way to fill your time. It is a search for substance. It is an answer to a feeling of disconnect with our natural world. It is a way of life and a set of values we want to impart to our kids. Homesteading faces the reality head on that being human is costly to the world. 

Our presenter on Natural Beekeeping, Troy Marino, said, "We are weird, but we wouldn't have it any other way." 

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