Lesson 1: Soil Building, Soil Amendments & Rain Barrels


Shopping List:

(3) 2” by 8” 8 foot boards: cut one of the boards in half

Cardboard/newspaper - furniture stores have the best cardboard because it is big!

8 2” wood screws and electric screwdriver/drill

1 bag cotton seed meal

1 bag bone/blood meal

1 bag lime

1 bag kelp meal

1 rain barrel or old chemical container

1 downspout drain

If barrel doesn’t have a hose output, you can buy one of those to attach a hose to at the bottom

2 bags black cow compost (3 if you want a little more coverage)

2 bags garden soil or potting soil (3 if you want a little more coverage)

2 bags leaves

1 bag grass clippings, green waste like weeds from another part of the yard, or kitchen scraps


Our Total: $76.43


The Complete Organic Fertilizer Recipe

3 parts cotton seed meal (for this sized garden use a paper cup about 8oz)

1 part blood or bone meal

1 part lime

1 part kelp meal


Our Co-op carries all of these since we requested them a few years ago. If yours doesn’t, ask them! If that doesn’t work you can order online, but shipping is expensive.

Resources on Soil Building: