Lesson 3: Building Your Author Platform

1. Watch Lesson 3.

2. On your document, list who is in your tribe. Include friends, family, colleagues, students, or members of organizations you belong to that might benefit from your book.

3. On your document answer:

Who do I want to serve?

What problem I am solving for my tribe?

How would THEY talk about this problem?

Where do they hang out?

What free content or experience can I give them to build credibility?

4. Visit four Facebook pages of authors who write work similar to yours and four websites. Write down what you like about each.

5. Read this article and do some searching. Decide which email collection system you will use.

6. Choose 2-3 strategies you will use to build your tribe.

For example: I will use ads on Facebook to collect email addresses and I will go speak to retirement groups once a month.


I will give away a free PDF on my website in exchange for email addresses and I will contact podcasts to be a guest speaker.


I will visit library groups each month to collect emails and I will present at 2 conferences each year.