Putting it All Together

Finalize your camp plan in your notebook or on your file:

Question 1

Where will you host your camp?

Question 2

How many campers can you safely serve at this locations?

Question 3

Who will help with the camp?

Question 4

What is your camp theme?

Question 5

What activities or rotations will support your theme throughout the camp?

Question 6

What is your camp schedule?

Question 7

How much will you charge per camper?

Question 8

What discounts will you give for sibling or referrals?

Question 9

Create Your Camp Waiver

Question 10

Please post a draft of your parent/camper letter

Question 11

List three ways you plan to market your camp.

Question 12

List your rainy day activities, 3 big group games, 3 small group ice breakers, and 3 camp songs