Click image to download the Natural Health Resource Guide

Click image to download the Natural Health Resource Guide


Over 20 vendors were present at the Homestead’s Natural Health Expo to share their functional wellness solutions. Download our resource guide to find service providers near you!


Resources & Publications

Every family on a journey to living purposeful, sustainable, healthy lives needs great resources to get started. There are a lot of junk and bogus resources out there. Here are the products we recommend based on our own experience. Hopefully, they’ll help you as much as they’ve helped us.

Note: Some of these resources are free, and some are not. Those that are paid resources are affiliate products or services, meaning if you buy them, our nonprofit gets a commission at no extra cost to you. Please know that we have personal experience with all of the following resources, which is why we recommend them.


Real Food 

We teach a Real Food for Real Families Online Course each January, but don't wait! Get started on the journey that will impact your whole family today.

  1. 100 Days of Real Food - If you want a great website to get started cleaning up your kitchen and improving your family's health, this is a great one with LOADS of recipe ideas.

  2. Elimination Diets - Figuring out which foods give you energy and vitality, and which foods exacerbate health problems and make you foggy and exhausted is one of the most effective ways to regain control of how you feel. The only way to figure out which foods are right for your body (don't waste your money on ineffective testing) is to do an elimination diet. These are the ones we've tried and recommend. Clean Gut, by Dr. Alejandro Junger, only takes 21 days and is clear and easy to do. Whole 30 has an amazing support community surrounding their thirty-day clean eating campaign. The Wahls Protocol, by Dr. Terry Wahls, is designed for people with autoimmune disorders and is extremely effective at putting debilitating conditions into remission.

  3. Kitchen Products for Healthy Eating - Transitioning to healthy eating is a process. It took us about a year to learn how to make healthy meals from real ingredients. We tried all kinds of "deals" and settled wasted a lot of money on cheap items. If I had it to do over, I would start out right. Here are some of the items that make healthy meals realistic in a modern kitchen.

  • Crock Pot- Get the 8 quart, ceramic version, find a few easy recipes to pop in before work and enjoy dinner the minute you get home.

  • Rice Cooker- We asked our Japanese friend why her rice was always so good. The answer, "rice cooker!" Rice is gluten free and a staple of our diet. Rice cookers turn out perfect rice every time with the click of button and keep it warm and moist for hours. Here's our favorite.

  • Vitamix- Our kids know they won't start the day without a kale, kefir, frozen blueberry, and banana smoothie. If they get nothing else good the entire day, at least they have green, probiotics, and antioxidants on board. We bought FIVE cheap mixers in two years and then bit the bullet and bought a great one that has lasted four years now and is still going strong. This is the one we love.

  • Instapot - We were late to the game on this one, and now we know what the fuss was about. Fast, easy, healthy and cheap! We got this one and wish we had sooner!

Mental Health

Every February, we focus on Mental Health at The Homestead through our online course. The research coming down the pipe on underlying causes and solutions is so encouraging. These are some of our favorites.

  1. Dr. Kelly Brogan - A Mind of Your Own is a landmark book that looks at the misconceptions behind depression and anxiety and tells you exactly how to correct the underlying causes in the body.

  2. Dr. Mark Hyman - The Ultra Mind Solution is another reputable book that helps you address mental health solutions by treating the whole body.

  3. Understanding Nutrition, Depression, and Mental Illness is a great summative article to get you started.

Sustainable Living

Purposeful living includes taking a look at our consumption habits and how they impact the environment and, ultimately, the future for our children. Start with small changes and work them into your life. Just becoming comfortable wth a few degrees difference on your thermostat makes an incredible difference!

  1. Home Energy Audit - Take this free online energy audit and find out how much energy your family consumes.

  2. Clothes line - eliminating drier energy use cuts down on overall household energy usage significantly!

  3. Rain Barrel Collection - Catching rain water for outside and garden use is a simple and effective way to cut down on water waste.

  4. Local food- shipping food around the world makes very little sense environmentally or economically. We teach a simple vegetable garden class online each March, but don't wait. Start with this simple book. Learn how to grow some of your own food or join a CSA and support a local farmer. Find your local famers here.

  5. Mississippi Solar - We trust this company and the man who started it. He installed both of our systems and donated an electric car charging station to The Homestead.

Integrative Health

We created a comprehensive list of our Member’s favorites. You can download it here.

Buehler_Growing The Good LIfe_CoverEbook.jpg

Growing the Good Life

Have you ever looked around and said, "This is not the life I intended to create?" A young family with everything begins to question their choices. Are making a living and making a life two very different things? Can they allow their true values to take center stage and choose a different path?

Ebook $0.00 / Paperback $8.95

Rethinking Women's Health

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Over half of all women suffer with some form of  debilitating female health condition, and they aren't finding satisfactory solutions in clinical visits. Alison Buehler used her professional career as a researcher to solve her personal problems. In the process, she dug up every outside the box solution to the most common female health issues facing women throughout their lives. 


Despite the fact that use of antidepressants and antianxiety drugs is skyrocketing, we are not seeing their golden promises being fulfilled. These “Band-Aid” prescriptions do not treat the root of the problem from which so many people suffer. Fortunately, our understanding of mental illness has exploded in the last decade. Due to our improved understanding of how the brain, body, and environment interact, we are finally identifying practices that effectively alleviate anxiety and depression. This book describes techniques to help you beat anxiety and depression and achieve a life you love living.


Tall Tales for Small People 

Book 1: A Giant Bully

Tall Tales for Small People takes ordinary kids into a magical world where they address childhood problems. Feeling left out, bullying, learning to share, and a dozen other common childhood trials are cleverly solved in each book using brains, bravery, kindness, and magic.

Kindle $6.99

Hardback $14.95


Tall Tales for Small People

Book 2: A Dreadful Dragon

Get ready to relive the magic of childhood with your children! Tall Tales for Small People takes ordinary kids into a magical world where they address childhood problems. In A Dreadful Dragon, the children learn an important lesson about underestimating the little guys. Get ready to cheer on these princes and princesses as they take on a giant lizard.

Kindle $6.99

Handback $14.95


the healing touch

How do we talk to kids about a scary world? How do we empower them to choose courage and kindness over fear? When wars and shootings on the news start making his stomach hurt, a young boy confides in his mother. "All kids have a magic power to shrink the darkness," his mom tells him at bedtime. Can she restore her son's faith in the power of kindness? Can she make him understand that he holds the power to make the world better?

Kindle $2.99

Paperback $6.09


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